Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Release Your Inner Simpson

This is mine. Yeah, I know. She looks better than I do in real life. But she doesn't get to drive the T-Bird, now does she?

I will admit that I was never a fan of "The Simpsons." When it first started, I had a young child who was struggling in school. I didn't think "Underachiever and proud of it," was an anthem we needed in our home.

But don't have a cow, man!

It was a while before I actually watched the show. When I did, Bart was caught stealing a video game from the local discount store. He was so full of remorse and so frightened by the consequences, that it really was a good message for any kids watching.

Then, too, there's Hank Azaria. I loved him as Nat the Dogwalker on "Mad About You," and he was superb in "The Birdcage." I think he does roughly four thousand different characters on "The Simpsons."

I also love Julie Kavner from her tenure as Rhoda's little sister. I vividly remember an episode in which Rhoda was lamenting that sex and love are not the same thing. Brenda (the character) put her hands over her ears and said, "No! Don't tell me that!" I was at a similar place in my life at the time.

Then there's Yeardley Smith. First off, you gotta love her name. I first noticed her on a short-lived sitcom called "Herman's Head." And she's wonderful as Greg's secretary Marlene on "Dharma and Greg."

So despite my initial reluctance, I have to admit the show is good. The characters are rich and exciting. They certainly outlasted Tracy Ullman.

To create your own Simpsons avatar, visit the movie website.

And don't have a cow.



Mark Wolfgang said...


But have you discovered "South Park" yet? We avoided it for years, till we finally, reluctantly, gave it a chance not too long ago. Generally hysterical, sometimes embarrassing, always politically incorrect-- who could ask for anything more?


Susan Cody said...

I have so far managed to completely avoid South Park. I know there's something about Kenny. That's really it. And please don't go down the Beavis and Butthead road. I think that's what made me realize Bart Simpson wasn't so bad.


Mark Wolfgang said...

No B&B for me, PLZ. Near as we can tell, Kenny gets killed in South Park every week. Apparently sometime in the recent past it was permanent. More or less. We're not sure about that yet.