Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Room with a View

I've been in the office for about two weeks now. My production output seems to me to be higher. I don't know whether that has to do with the surroundings or how much I love the time travel story I'm writing now. Maybe a little of both.

When I was younger and lived in apartments, I was always struck by how quiet it was if I should happen to be home on a week day. Nothing happened until the school buses started arriving mid afternoon. Not so quiet here in the suburbs.

From my vantage point, I can see three full driveways and a couple of partials. At least once a day, a vehicle pulls into one of these for the sole purpose of turning around. I find this odd because my street is a circle. If you just keep going you'll get there anyway.

Much of the traffic passes on foot. There are a handful of young mothers pushing strollers, a half dozen men who jog, but the biggest demographic is the middle-aged woman walking. Some of them go in pairs, some solo. The solo ones usually have music plugged into their ears. I also know which dog walkers pick up and which leave it in my yard. Duly noted.

By far the most interesting group is the working teams. We have yard crews, pool guys, plumbers, cable guys, telephone installers, and dry cleaners. The people next door are having their kitchen remodeled. I wonder whether they know their guy doesn't arrive until at least eleven o'clock. I hope they aren't paying him by the day.

What occurs to me is how easy it would be for a crook to blend into the crowd of strangers passing by and steal someone blind. Maybe I've read too many Bernie the Burglar books (No! There can never be too many! Just in case LB is reading this.) but it seems to me all you would have to do is put on a pair of coveralls, get yourself a nondescript panel truck, and back up into someone's driveway. The only obstacle is getting inside, and we all know Bernie would consider that the easy part of the job.

Well, just in case some criminal mind has already thought of this, my neighbors need not fear. I'm on the job, day in and day out - as long as the blinds don't get stuck in the closed position again.

Have a great day!

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