Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Harry Potter Day!

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All right, let's talk about Snape.

First off, it's Alan Rickman. ALAN RICKMAN. The man who single-handedly saved the Robin Hood movie with his brilliant portrayal of The Sheriff of Nottingham. He was great in that. Perhaps a precursor to his position as the creepy potions professor.

But that's just the actor. It's the character who takes center stage today. Sure, I read Book Six. I know what happens in the end. But remember this - Dumbledore trusted him. And we still don't know why, although it's been hinted at over and over. I think Book Seven will reveal that to us. And all of you Snape Haters will have to say "I'm sorry." To me, to Snape and possibly to Alan Rickman.

Except I don't think Snape will survive Book Seven. I think he pretty much has to die to satisfy the literary requirements of an epic tale. And what better way for Snape to prove himself than to die saving Harry? In the very last seconds of Snape's life, Harry will finally realize that Snape has been on his side all along. Then he has to live the rest of his life tortured about that.

It's okay. Hermione will console him.

I know. Even J. K. herself has said there won't be a Harry/Hermione hook up, but until I turn the last page of the last book, I can still hope for it, can't I?

Well, the witching hour draws near. I have my copy reserved. I will be standing in line. I won't be back here until I'm finished reading it. May you all enjoy it. And have a wonderful weekend.

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