Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Whose Diamonds Are These, Anyway?

It's always a thrill to find another review for a book. And this one is for TOUGHER THAN DIAMONDS, which we've already established is my favorite to date - with apologies to Kella and Brianna. First I'll share the money quote:

"Delia Carnell knows how to write a gut-wrenching story of hard choices for two people falling in love."

Oh, yeah. That's a nice one. There's only one problem. Everywhere else in the review - like in the site's index and on the headline of the review page - they show the author of TOUGHER THAN DIAMONDS as Claire Cook.


Yeah, I never heard of her either. I mean, I'm sure she's a nice lady and a fine writer. But she didn't write TOUGHER THAN DIAMONDS. I did.

It's kind of like if you pick up the New York Times Book Review and see a great article about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Stephen King.

Okay, it's not exactly like that. But it feels like that in my mind.

At least they have a nice link to the Cerridwen page where you can buy the book. And my name is correct there.

So do me a favor. Go to this review site. Click on the contact link and email them. Tell them you read that book; you loved it. But you're pretty sure it was by that bestselling author, Delia Carnell.

Go ahead. Make my day.

Here's the link to the rest of the review.

Thanks! Have a great day!

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Steve said...

Looks like they fixed it.