Friday, July 27, 2007


How did it get to be Friday again so soon? I swear the older I get, the faster time flies. If time even exists at all, what with this Garden Gate Time Portal story I'm writing now. I'm fascinated with how many references to time have come up since I started this. She has Jet Lag. It's afternoon in England when the staff in her New York office are just coming in for the morning. When she sleeps off her Jet Lag, she isn't sure what time it is when she wakes.

Time keeps popping up everywhere. And that's a good thing. Drive that theme home. Yesterday, after spending way too much...well...TIME researching the legal drinking age, I had Star reaching into her wallet to show her ID to the barmaid when...Holy Excellent Adventure, Batman!...she can't do that! She can't show a barmaid in 1962 an ID that shows her birth as 1977!!!

At least I managed to fit it neatly into the plot. Our hero's not stupid. It was just a matter of TIME before he figured out something was really "different" about this girl from America.

Oh, great. Now I have that song from Disney Channel's High School Musical 2 in my head. "What Time Is It?" I think I need to dig out Mick and the Boys because, as we all know, "Time Is on My Side."

What I'm listening to: British Invasion - 36 All Time Greatest Hits
What I'm Reading: KISS ME DEADLY by Susan Kearney

Have a great day!

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