Monday, July 16, 2007

Here We Are at Our New Address

Good morning. How many of you found your way to the new URL for the blonde today? I see Steven did, of course. And Mark!. Look, there's Skippy too. That's great. I feel like the Romper Room lady looking through her magic mirror.

Speaking of magic, I've returned from trip number 63 to the Magic place nearby. This time the occasion was the THIRTEENTH anniversary of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's MGM Studios. If you ever get the chance to attend one of these special events, do it. We almost had the park entirely to ourselves Friday night.

The park closed at 10:00 Friday night with the final Fantasmic show at 10:30. My Prince and I arrived around eight o'clock. With most of the park attendees waiting in line for the first Fantasmic show, we headed to Star Tours. Nothing like a hyper-light speed flight with a droid to get you ready for a night of excitement. No line at all. Perfect. We were seated front row center.

After returning to earth, we headed for one of my favorite spots in the Studios, Writers Stop. Staring at the display carousel of paperback novels - many of them romances - I created a new goal for myself: to have my book for sale in Writers Stop. That combines two of my favorite things - Disney and my own books!

We sat for a while on New York Street drinking coffee. I'd never noticed before, but you can actually hear the sounds of the subway trains when you're sitting on the sidewalk bench. No detail overlooked. That's my Disney!

Then we headed for the Tower. I will admit to being Terrorized before we even got inside. I've done this ride dozens of times, but I'm always scared. It's like the Carly Simon song (and the ketchup commercial!) AN-TIC-I-PATION. They know exactly how to scare me. If you've done this, you know that the elevator drops in a random pattern. This was the first time I've been all the way to the top THREE times in one ride. It was, well, terrifying. My Prince has permanent marks in his right arm from my fingers gripping him while I screamed like a little girl.

When we got off, we skidded into Fantasmic just in time for the second show. It was, as always, wonderful. Mickey once again saves the day. Some imagination, huh?

Well, we couldn't leave the special Tower of Terror party without one more ride on the broken elevator. By now the crowd was thinned to the special event people only. The wait time outside the Hollywood Hotel said "13" minutes. See? No detail overlooked. Of course, we had to ride again.

This time I wasn't nearly as scared. There was absolutely no wait, and our car was filled with veterans. The ride was thrilling. Even when we were all the way at the bottom, when usually you start to unbuckle your seatbelt, we were whisked back up to the top for one more spectacular drop.

It was great fun, and I'm glad we were invited to attend. Now, it's back to the real world and facing an altogether different kind of terror - the blank page!!!

Have a wonderful day! Good writing to all.


Steve said...

That tower sure has its ups and downs.

Mark Wolfgang said...

Yup. --Mark

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?