Monday, June 25, 2007

Where Is Eldon When You Need Him?

Remember the guy on Murphy Brown who was painting and remodeling her home? I need that guy. Or someone like him, since I don't think Eldon ever actually finished the job. I don't know. I quit watching the show after they jumped the shark with Murphy's motherhood.

Anyway, I'm painting. When I was married, my contribution to the painting of the house was to take the kids and get out of the way. Post-divorce, my involvement has been picking the color and writing the check. Until now...

The Boy's "suite" which I'm turning into my office consists of a bedroom, a small foyer and a tiny bath. I decided to paint the bath first because it's smaller and the light isn't that good. If I mess it up really badly, no one will be able to see.

But first, I had to patch the drywall. The Boy is big. Over six feet. And, well, he's a Boy. And his friends were boys. Roughhousing ensued. There are holes in the walls. Some are the exact same size as a Nintendo controller. Some have a right angle at the exact height of an amp. Or an amp on wheels.

I didn't have a clue how to do this, but behold the wonders of the Internet. There are quite a few sites who not only told me how to patch it, they also showed me in a cute little video. Eureka! I can do this. Armed with a tub of Patch N Paint, a putty knife and a Jimmy Buffett CD on the player, I proceeded. It is amazingly like frosting a cake. I think I did a pretty good job. In fact, I'm quite proud of myself.

So on to the painting. I chose a sunshine yellow for the bathroom. I picked that color for its cheerfulness and also because the tile in that room has some goldish flecks in it. I was quite surprised how easy it was to roll the paint on the big blank walls.

Working my way around the fixtures was quite another story. I have learned the value of painter's tape. But there was nothing I could do short of standing on my head to work around the toilet. But I got it done.

Next I'm going to start on the trim. But I just got back from the manicurist. I may wait a while.

Have a great day!

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Anne D said...

I so don't envy you Delia - we just (well 3 months ago now) had our bathrooms remodeled. But the finishing was left to me. I started to paint, but being that the colour chosen was a light, vibrant green, all the patching and bad paintjobs from before just made it look worse and worse - so now I'm wallpapering it. I got the paper last week, and it's my job one day this week.