Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a Long Strange Trip...

If you live long enough, everything comes full circle. It's been about two months since The Boy and his girlfriend moved out of my house and into their own place. This was a much-anticipated event for many reasons, even though it had its own degree of angst with it.

For one thing, they are in their early twenties. That's plenty old enough to be out on your own. They are smart, responsible young adults, not afraid of hard work, but also not afraid of hard leisure. It's up to them to learn that balance, however. And it's much better for all of us if they don't live with me.

I will admit to shedding some tears. This Boy has always lived with me. It's unsettling to wake up in the morning and not know that he got home all right last night (or early this morning). But I'm glad they were able to make this huge step.

And I really want to make the room into an office.

So, yesterday they came over to get the rest of their stuff (because I put a comment on his MySpace page threatening to sell it). I borrowed my sister's SUV (because...well...look at my car, would ya) to help get stuff to the place. And I was treated to the grand tour.

Here's where the flashback comes in. It's a charming garage apartment. Hard wood floors, interesting windows, a balcony that makes you feel like you're in a tree house. In other words, it looks like every crash pad my friends and I had in the Sixties. Complete with the homemade window treatments made from India cotton. And the designs painted on the wall. And the Vonnegut on the book case. Yes, that's my Boy, all right. Too much like his mother for his own good.

Oh, he wouldn't believe that. But it's true.

I admire these young people. And I envy them. Every opportunity imaginable lies before them right now. I hope they choose wisely.

Have a great day!



Mark Wolfgang said...

"smart, responsible young adults, not afraid of hard work,"

Wow. This is unexpected. When did he change? :-) TG he doesn't read your blog; I'd have to trust you with my life not to tell him who and where I am. I remember getting a CD of some very young (16?) blues guitarist that I always meant to send you to give to him for inspiration. Apparently he didn't need it. --Mark

PS, I'm doing a lot of reading on my summer vacation this week: magazines at Urgent Care, the hospital, numerous doctors' offices and medical test labs....

Susan Cody said...

Remember I also said "not afraid of hard leisure." I never said he was perfect. But he's on his own and responsible. What more could a mother wish for?

Arg! Not much of a vacation.

Mark Wolfgang said...

"What more could a mother wish for?"

That he put you in the nicest nursing home when your time comes (whether you agree or not) and visit you every day. --Mark

Susan Cody said...

Mark! I think I'd prefer to go during the third upside down curve of Rock 'n Roller Coaster. "Livin' it up when I'm goin' down."