Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Vacation, Sort of

Now that I have the Heiress in the mail, it's time to tackle that list of things I kept putting off until I had the Heiress in the mail. No getting out of it this time. I really have to do at least some of the things on that list. Here are some of my choices:

Clean the spare bedroom. This goes along with paint the spare bedroom, tile the spare bedroom, get computer access in the spare bedroom. The spare bedroom is going to be my new office. There are some who say I should expect my son to come back home at some point. I figure if his bedroom is an office, he won't have a place to come. Maybe he'll find some other place to stow his seven guitars. It's not that I don't love him. I adore this kid, my only child. I just think our relationship is better off if he sleeps under a different roof.

Get Health Insurance. Yeah, this is a big one. There are a few organizations for writers that offer insurance programs, but they cost about a zillion dollars a month and only cover scurvy or beri beri. I'm coming to the end of an eighteen-month COBRA situation from my brief stint at an upscale department store. (Don't ask. I thought it would be fun. I was wrong.) The fact that I had a kidney stone in 1997 is a hindrance in the insurance-shopping game. So this could take a couple of days.

Empty the Storage Unit. Another big one. But it's not free, so why do my sister and I keep procrastinating on getting rid of this stuff? We're meeting a professional document shredder at the unit tomorrow. Details to follow.

Learn How to Sell Stuff on Ebay. Goes right along with emptying the storage unit, as you might guess. But hey - somebody is going to want this stuff, right? Besides, we want to try our hand at selling some of our football tickets. That is, if anybody at all wants to go to a Bucs game this year. Can't be as bad as last year, can it?

So now I'm off to the grocery store. I know. It's not on the list. But it is something I need to do. Have a great day!

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