Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Driving in My Car...

Quick show of hands - How many thought of Bruce Springsteen when you read that title? How many thought of Elmer Fudd? Although, technically, for Mr. Fudd, it should have been "I'm Dwiving in my car," yes? Anyway, all sorts of things wander into my mind when I'm driving. I suspect this is a fairly common occurrence among writers.

I spent a mostly quiet weekend working on "A Lotus-Covered Door." The editor who has that project really liked it but asked me to make a few changes near the beginning. I had been letting that request simmer while I did a few other things, but Saturday and Sunday were fairly productive. It was fun to get back to Singapore in my head and rummage around in the relationship between Robb and Lila.

While I mostly liked what I had written, there was just some little indescribable thing missing. Some little spark that didn't quite ignite. I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew the revision wasn't quite finished.

So here I go speeding down Dale Mabry Highway on the way to the airport to pick up my Prince, Crosby Stills and Nash (Stephen Stills went to high school here - Love the one you're with!!!) blasting from the CD player. "I have been around the world, searching for that woman, girl." You know the rest. It's been the anthem for this short story. When - SHAZBOT! - the little thing I needed exploded before me like fireworks on the Fourth of July - only in my mind, not really in the sky. Or even in the street.

As soon as I parked the car and ran inside, I sat down and scribbled this stuff into the little notebook I've learned to carry around with me. Untold gems of great writing have been forever lost for want of a notebook, a grocery receipt, a used tissue on which to write the ideas before they're lost. Trust me, carrying a notebook is much easier.

So now in the light of day, armed with a fresh pot of coffee, and CSN&Y on the CD player, we'll see whether this snippet actually solves my problem. Or creates another.

Additionally, I'd like to go on record as saying I believe I saw David Crosby on the beach near Indian Rocks every morning for a week when I was staying there with my son and my mom several years ago. This man who looked like him walked by every day. He always smiled or nodded. I tried not to stare. I do know that he has lived in this area. I think it was really him.

Have a great day!


Mark Wolfgang said...

Nope, not Springsteen. (Or was it Springstein? (Old SNL/Sinatra joke, as I recall)) It was Jack Bruce of Cream: "Driving in my car, smoking my cigar, the only time I'm happy is when I play my guitar..." --Mark

Susan Cody said...

Oh, good one! I didn't think of that because I couldn't get Elmer Fudd out of my head!