Thursday, June 14, 2007

High School Musical - The Plot!

I'll confess right up front that I'm a huge fan (okay, addict) of all things Disney. It goes all the way back to when I was a tiny tot sitting on the floor in front of the television watching The Mickey Mouse Club. (The real one. Not the one with Britney!)

So if I have a television on in the evenings, and there's absolutely nothing on any station featuring Mark Harmon, then I'm watching Disney Channel. This is because once a long time ago I fell asleep watching an old rerun of M*A*S*H only to be startled awake by screaming people. At some point, the Jerry Springer show had come on. I'm safe with Disney Channel. No one will be raped or murdered. No one will cheat on his or her spouse. No one abuses the children. It's pleasant, cute, upbeat. All the time.

So in this vast sea of disneyfied popstars/regular girls, Cosby show alums with "visions," boys from the future, twins in the hotel, there is always something going on to do with High School Musical. It's an entertaining vehicle for several Disney Channel stars vaguely reminiscent of Grease, but with no Rizzo. The music is fun, the dance moves are energetic, and it packs a valuable lesson for the target audience: To thine own self be true. (I watched Hamlet last weekend.) Or in the vernacular of my generation, do your own thing.

I doubt that even the Disney execs - usually with their fingers on the pulses of the tween world - expected this much frenzy. They've turned it into a roving attraction at WDW, the cast toured the country live, it's even an ice show now! And DC has already started hyping HSM2, due out in August.

So last night, I made my Prince watch it with me. I've seen it roughly twenty times (not all of them on purpose); he'd only seen the show at the park. The interesting thing is how they took this plot, and replicated it again and again. First Corbin Blue starred in Jump In, a movie in which a young boxer helps out a girl from the 'hood in her Double Dutch competition to the dismay of his father. Gee, that sounds a lot like what happens in HSM when Troy, the basketball star, auditions for the school play, upsetting his father. This week they're debuting Ice Princess. The clip in the previews I find notable is when the young girl is arguing with her mother about continuing her ice skating competition, and the young girl says, "No, it's your dream."

Here we go again.

If you've got a winner, go with it. The folks at Disney aren't Dopey. Well, one of them is, but you know what I mean.

So we've got one more summer event on the countdown now. Besides the next Harry Potter movie and the final Harry Potter book, we've got HSM2 on the way. What a great time to be a kid! Even for those of us who are not!

Have a great day!


Mark Wolfgang said...

I've never seen HSM. OK, I've seen virtually all the various scenes in it several times. It's the Tasmanian Devil Child's (god-daughter) fave movie. She has to have it on all the time, but she's got the attention span of a gnat on speed, so we catch it in bits and pieces as she flits around. She's learned all the dance routines, but in mirror image of the screen. Talent and energy, but with limits of imagination, I guess. --Mark

Susan Cody said...

Take her to WDW so she can sing along and do the dance with the traveling show!