Thursday, June 21, 2007

And now some things useful

Because I can't tell you to use the Internet instead of the library without pointing you toward some useful sites, here's a brief collection of some of the places I frequent from time to time.
I'm using it for the Lotus story. If you aren't sure what a sailing term means and want to get it right, this is the place.
My favorite online thesaurus. They do a really good job. You can download it and have it pop up mid-sentence when you really need it. Take a look. It's free.
Gaelic terms and expressions. There's a section on curses and a warning about using them with care.
Ah, the urban dictionary. For those grittier, in your face stories. It's fun just to look around.
A free jukebox if you want to listen to music from a particular year.
My favorite site for researching character names. There is also a multitude of baby name sites, but I like this one best.
A fun place for people who love words.

And finally, for when I hear thunder outside,
Remember the good old days when we just looked out the window?

Have a great day!


Mark Wolfgang said...

"Remember the good old days when we just looked out the window?"

One word. Les Nessman. Eye Witness Weather. WKRP in Cincinnati. OK, that's like eight words.


Susan Cody said...

And the tape on the floor to designate his office walls!!

Mark Wolfgang said...

O, the humanity! --M