Friday, June 1, 2007

What's a Meme?

Is it anything like the Screaming Memies? How about the Blue Meanies? No, a meme (not sure whether you pronounce it me-me or Meem) is a blogging and/or Internet device that you pick up from someone else's blog and use on your own instead of coming up with something clever and creative by yourself.

I would not be surprised to find them in use primarily on Fridays when people are running out of steam, ideas and ambition. I've seen a few that are clever, but for the most part they ask the blogger questions to which I do not care about the answers. For example, I saw one that asked, "What do you use to clean your face?" Come on. Why would anyone care about that? I use whatever looks interesting and smells good when I'm browsing the health and beauty aisle of my favorite drug or discount store. Today it's Hydrate and Cleanse by L'Oreal.

See? You just went into a catatonic stupor out of boredom, didn't you?

A lot of the meme choices ask you to list the music you're listening to right now. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Others ask what you're reading. The Walrus Was Paul by R. Gary Patterson.

Ah, a pattern begins to emerge. Yes, this is a book that addresses the great Beatles mystery hoax/hidden story as to whether Paul McCartney actually died in 1966 and was replaced by an impostor who may or may not be Billy Shears. I heard about the clues when I was in college. I actually disengaged my turntable so I could rotate it backwards on "Revolution 9" and hear, "Turn me on, dead man." I'm here to tell you it's true. You really can hear that phrase.

I'm about halfway through the book. Most of this stuff I already knew. Some of it's new. Some of it gives one pause; some of it's ridiculous. It does give me a lot of grand plot ideas, but if you've seen Eddie and the Cruisers, you're way ahead of me.

It appears at this point that Mr. Patterson is not going to take a stand as to whether he believes the rumors to be true. But I'll take my stand. Yes. Paul is dead. If you don't believe me, just consider this: Could the same person who wrote "Yesterday" be responsible for "Say, Say, Say?"

Hey, that reminds me of my favorite Beatles trivia question. When did Paul McCartney write Silly Love Songs? 1966 to the present.

Who would ever have guessed that Ringo would be the last Beatle standing?

I'm just saying.

Have a great day!

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Steve said...

>but if you've seen Eddie and the Cruisers.

Hmmm. never saw the movie, but I have seen the band. (Beaver Brown) Does that count?