Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rebecca Wants a Turn...

Oh, he's still playing that old took-a-bullet card, is he? He didn't happen to mention that I was abducted, tied up, and held in an abandoned warehouse, did he? Like he's the only one who looked danger in the face.

Still, he did manage to rescue me more than a few times during the course of Delia's book. And he really is cuter than the guy on the cover. I just love the way his hair curls at the back of his neck when he first gets out of the shower. And I never saw a better looking butt in a pair of old faded jeans. Did he tell you that I took him to the orchestra? Yeah, he cleans up pretty nice too.

But I wasn't looking for a man. No, it was all about the diamond for me. Do I get either one of them? Both? Neither? You'll have to read Delia's book to find out the rest. She's none too happy that we asked to take over, although she smiled and nodded. As if she could stop us. (The girl actually thinks she can direct us! Shhh....don't tell her. Let her think she's in charge.)

Catch all the action at Cerridwen Press. Diamonds really are a girl's best friend!

Thanks for listening. We'll let Delia back in tomorrow.

(Please don't call me Becky)

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Steve said...

Not Becky?

OK Doll.