Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Brianna's History

The first book I wrote for Loose-Id was KELLA'S CHARM. People often ask writers, "Where do you get your ideas?" and quite often the answer is, "I dunno."

Some things come to you for reasons. Some things just come. With Kella I just had a vision in my mind of a man and a woman in an old castle. They are snuggled close together when an intruder bursts through the door. The man's first instinct is to reach for the furs to cover his love and shield her from whatever danger this may be.

That particular scene doesn't come until very near the end of KELLA'S CHARM, so I had to back up from there and find out how we get to that point. And that was the birth of that story.

Ancient Ireland, windswept cliffs, an imposing castle. It wasn't until after I started writing it that I found out Kella is a witch.

So when I started to work on a story for St. Patrick's Day, I went back to Kella. Parts of that castle would remain centuries later, wouldn't it? And if the ancient magick lasted through time, then the descendants today would have it in them, wouldn't they?

So this was the birth of BRIANNA'S MAGIC. And that is why you'll see the same ancient ruins on the covers of both books. Castle Torin binds the two stories together.

I hope you'll enjoy both stories. We all need a little sprinkle of faerie dust, don't we? Have a magical day!


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