Thursday, March 29, 2007

Did You Get Your Diamonds Yet?

Run on over to to see that TOUGHER THAN DIAMONDS releases today! Yes, there it goes out into the world for strangers to read. It's a little bit like sending your child to kindergarten on the first day. You fully expect the teacher to call you and say he's the most brilliant child they've ever had the privilege to teach. But in your realistic heart of hearts, you know you'll be happy if he just doesn't pick his nose at the lunch table.

So, it's out there today. My Jake and Rebecca for all to see. What's the big deal about this diamond anyway? Well, for one thing it's extremely large. For another, it's been in Rebecca's family for generations. And finally, the man who has it now also has a little unfinished business with both Jake and Rebecca.

So on some level for both of them, it's not about the diamond at all. It's about revenge, and payback. And maybe even redemption.

Find out today at

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