Friday, March 23, 2007

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Well, who doesn't love a little bling-bling? You think Marilyn is the only one who "stands straight at Tiffany's?" No, it's in the female DNA to want the flash and sparkle. One of the many reasons I love this book.

In the spring of 2005, I was recovering from an emotionally trying time in my life. It didn't help any that my Prince was living a thousand miles away. I went to Columbia, Maryland to spend some time with him. While there, I wrote most of TOUGHER THAN DIAMONDS.

Every day after he left for work, I sat at the dining room table listening to one of the local classical radio stations and writing in longhand. If I needed a break, I would take a short walk through the woods to Safeway to get a latte. Starbucks at the grocery store! What will they think of next?

It was a healing time for me. Watching those pages pile up helped tremendously.

Jake and Rebecca have been pretty beat up emotionally themselves. Isn't it amazing the way the mind works? Helping those two navigate themselves to a firmer footing and a happy resolution gave me insights to pull myself out of my own nasty spots.

We're all chasing diamonds of one type or another. I'm lucky that I found mine. Here's to everyone still on their quest. Sometimes the journey is the best part. The destination is just for show. See how Jake and Rebecca handle their quest next Thursday at Cerridwen Press.

Have a great day!

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