Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Whatever Happened to...

Suzanne Ashley?

You remember her, don't you? Famous romance novelist in the late eighties to early nineties? Okay, so I succumbed to the most popular procrastination technique of the twenty-first century writer - googling oneself. Only I didn't google my real name, or even my current pseudonym. I googled my old Harlequin name.

Yes, you can actually buy copies of my 1989 release with Silhouette from Amazon.com. Somebody had it listed for $18.00. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS!!!!!! My own MOTHER wouldn't pay that much for it!

I do know this, though: I have about twelve copies of it myself. I'm going to watch that site. If someone actually does pay that much for it, I'll be putting five or six copies up on eBay! Heck, I have it in three languages! Consider the possibilities.

I was thinking of adding a Suzanne Ashley page to my website, maybe making it a tribute page, something about how we all miss poor Suzanne. We hear she's still in a coma. Thing is, the population of people who would get that joke is very, very small. I may do it anyway, though. Just for fun.

So I found this one picture of the cover out there in the great World Wide Web:

Looks a little ratty, doesn't it? Then I realized (Remember, I'm blonde. Sometimes it takes a while) I could take a picture of one of my nice clean copies with my digital camera. How do you think that picture of the T-Bird got there? Duh!

It's a pretty nice cover, as eighties romance covers go. I would have preferred to have Fabio as the model, but this guy's not bad. I like that they worked the roses into it. And it looks like they're in Zachary's rooftop greenhouse. I suppose I filled out an art sheet for this. I don't really remember.

Hey, that reminds me! Somewhere I have a picture of me with Fabio! Stay tuned. That could wind up on the website too!

Have a great day.


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