Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Lotus-Covered Door

Truth in fiction. Is that possible? Fiction is by definition not fact. But we want it to be real, don't we? Even though it's made up, it has to be reasonable. Like, you wouldn't have a character get into the back seat of a T-Bird, right? There is no back seat, and even though this is fiction, it should be realistic, right?

So what am I to do with my lotus-covered door?

There is a song written in 1939 called "A Little Street in Singapore." It's been recorded by no less than Frank Sinatra and The Manahattan Transfer. And a great Hawaiian group that my Prince and I love called the Peter Moon Band. Every time I hear this song, I get a particular image in mind, and I wanted to write a short story around that image.

The second line of the song refers to "a lotus-covered door" which brings to my mind a heavy wooden door with lotus blossoms growing all around it, probably even cascading over the edges. It's a really pretty image. Too bad they didn't make it a jasmine-covered door. That would work.

I spent a little time with my good friend Google, checking out the lotus blossom. It's the same thing as a water lily. It grows in mud. The blossoms float on the top of the water. How does the lotus cover a door?

Not to change the subject, but I swear I'm going to name a character "Google" one of these days.

Back to the lotus. This has bothered me for two days. I even asked my girlfriend Jeanette, the resident gardening guru, and she suggested we go to a Thai restaurant for dinnner. Maybe someone there can offer some insight. Great idea. I've already made the reservations. In the meantime, I'm coming up with a different way to cover the door with lotus blossoms. Because I really love that phrase. I want it for the title of the story.

I'll let you know how it goes. And I'll bring back any leftovers from the Thai restaurant.

Have a great day!

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