Monday, April 23, 2007

Brianna's Reviews

There are few things a writer loves more than hearing what other people think of his or her work. That's easy in the romance community because there are so many online review sites. BRIANNA'S MAGIC has been out about a month, just the right time for picking up a handful of very nice reviews. Here's a sampling:

"Ms.Carnell wrote a beautiful story, filled with magic."

-----Anne Chaput, ecataromance

"If you’re looking for a fun, romantic read with some pretty hot action, Delia Carnell’s Brianna’s Magic is a great choice."

-----Anna Mae Garland, JERR

"Ireland is a magical place, and this was never more evident than in BRIANNA’S MAGIC...A sweet, yet sensual story, be sure to check out BRIANNA’S MAGIC."

-----Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

Very kind words from all three review sites. Thanks for taking the time to read the book and share what you thought of it with others. Anyone else read something recently that they would like to share with us? Post your comments.

Have a wonderful day!

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