Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Better Late Than Never?

Ah, that's a beautiful cover. I was truly thrilled with my two Irish magic covers when those stories were out in 2006 and 2007. BRIANNA'S MAGIC, the one pictured here, was released for St. Patrick's Day. Not the most recent one, the one before. 2007. A year and three-quarters ago. 20 months. A woman who conceived on the day of this release could be right now planning her child's first birthday party, squeezing it in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So imagine my surprise recently when the book was reviewed by The Romance Studio. To be sure, I am NOT complaining. I'm just continually in awe of the way the online publishing world operates. And I'm definitely not complaining about the review.

Here's a quote from Dee Dailey for the Romance Studio, who gave BRIANNA'S MAGIC five hearts.

"Delia Carnell has woven a superb tale of the real Irish, their heritage, the magic of the land and the sense of family through the ages."

Wow, that's really nice. I'm quite touched by it. You can read the whole review here.

The sad news is that this book is no longer available from the publisher. They took their line in a different direction recently and returned my rights to all three of the books they published. I'm working out a way to make it availble through my website, so if you're interested, post a comment here or email me through Or I'm both of those.

Thanks to Dee Dailey and Romance Studio. I'm thrilled with the review.

Have a lovely day!

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