Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here Comes the Ghost

Usually so much happens between signing the contract for a book and actually seeing the book available to the public that you have a tendency to almost forget about it in the interim. In a way this is kind of neat because it gives me the chance to get excited about it all over again.

I've written quite a few stories since last I looked at BLAME IT ON THE GHOST. I'll be just as excited as anyone to see the finished product when it arrives in a couple of weeks. First of all, I'm eager to see the cover. As much as I love TOUGHER THAN DIAMONDS, I was greatly disappointed with the cover. The two people didn't look anything like the picture I had in my mind of Jake and Rebecca. And that bra she's wearing! That's a Wal-Mart bra if I ever saw one. Rebecca buys her lingerie in a more upscale environment.

When the art sheets came around for GHOST,I was ever so much more specific about how things should look on the cover. Even sent them a few pictures of things so they would know EXACTLY what I meant.

The action takes place in an old house on Indian Rocks Beach. The house is very important. It's almost a character itself, so I really want it to be just right. I sent along this picture for the art department to use as inspiration:

This isn't exactly the house we want, but it's really close. We'll find out soon enough, won't we? Everyone I ask is rather vague about when I'll receive a cover, but we know for sure it will be prior to August 30. They won't put the book live on the site without one. Let's hope we love it!

Have a wonderful day!


Steve said...

Gee, I hope you get that cover soon.

Mark Wolfgang said...

Steve-- sick of hearing about it already? :-)


Steve said...

Nah, it was just a tease. She already had it when I wrote that.

Mark Wolfgang said...

You're bad. --M