Monday, May 28, 2007

Odds and Ends, Where Have I Been, Back to Work!

For a few years now, my best friends and I have been making an annual trek to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. It always inspires us to come home and work in our flower beds, but this year I had other things to do right away.

Saturday was my Prince's birthday. His 50th. I wanted to take him out to a really nice restaurant. He wanted to have a party. So I agreed to the party. I wanted to have a 1950s theme party. He wanted to have a Hawaii Five-Oh party. Well, it was his birthday, so he won again. He went to grad school at the University of Hawaii. That's why he chose the theme.

So I hurried myself over to iParty and bought every Hawaiian themed decoration in the place, including a grass skirt for me and a lei that lights up. I guess that's so you can find me in the dark if the electricity should suddenly go off. I'm not sure.

Then there was the food - pina colada cake, pineapple cheese casserole, meatballs with pineapple barbecue sauce, pot stickers, and the obligatory chips and dips. All garnished with fresh pineapple, of course. Oh, and a gallon of pina colada mix. And the biggest bottle of rum I've ever seen. Where is Jack Sparrow when you need him?

Well, the party was a rousing success. Yesterday we ate leftovers and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Oh, that's where Jack Sparrow is. And there. And there. And over there! (inside joke; works only if you've seen the movie).

So, now it's back to work. The first thing I did this morning (after looking at my most recent royalty statement and trying to decide whether to laugh or cry) was to call up blog tracker and see whether anyone is still reading me after a week's absence. And some of you are still there!
Thanks for waiting patiently for the next entry. I'll try not to leave you alone so long.

It's always fun to read the search engine phrases that people put in to get here. Sure, most of them say Delia Carnell, Brianna's Magic, Diamond, or some such that makes perfect sense. The ones that amuse me are the ones that are clearly looking for something else. Like "love life of Orlando Bloom." Sadly, you won't find that here. Or "high school blonde leg." Not really sure what someone would want with that.

My favorite is "How to catch a bird high ceiling." Can't you just see this couple flailing around at the poor bird with a broom that's not quite long enough to reach the rafter at the peak of the cathedral ceiling? "Quick, Myrtle! Go google it!"

Yeah. That's what I would do.

Back to writing for me. Have a great day!


Mark Wolfgang said...

So did you like the movie? We're waiting for the crowds to thin out a bit. In the meantime, maybe "Waitress," assuming the yard work gets done. (I'm hoping it's doing itself AWS.) --Mark

Susan Cody said...

I did like the movie. Jack Sparrow's father is worth the price of admission.

Steve said...

While it could be assumed, I will mention that the food was wonderful.

Mark Wolfgang said...

Like father like son. (I think I said this already, but I have yet to see it posted.) --Mark