Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I've Been Reading

"There is an undeniable pleasure in stepping into an open-top sports car driven by a beautiful woman."
- Dr. Gregory House

Oh, wait a minute. It wasn't House who said that. It was Thomas Lang, protagonist of the novel THE GUNSELLER, written by Hugh Laurie.

So maybe House did say it, after all.

If you've heard rumors that I've been involved in a mammoth House-a-thon, then you know where my head's been of late. Inside the mind of the evil - or is that heartwarming - Dr. House.

One of the various book stores to which I have the rewards/loyalty/preferred customer card had a deal on box sets of DVDs. I'd been confused ever since this season started with that whole Wilson's Dead Girlfriend thing, so I decided the really best way to get it all sorted out was to start from the beginning.

So I did. And in very short order, I watched the first four seasons of House in their entirety, including special features, bloopers and producer's commentary. Of course, then I had withdrawal. And that's when I remembered the book:

This is a really fun read whether you're a House fan or not. I had a tendency to picture the curmudgeonly doctor as I was reading, but you don't have to do that to enjoy it. It's very witty and quite an adventure. The hero - and I use that term loosely, as House would prefer - is one of those reluctant to be in the role but who does the right thing in the end.

Hugh Laurie is an entertaining writer. And quite witty to boot, which I always enjoy. If I have any complaint, it's getting some of the characters confused so that I occasionally had to go backward to remind myself who was which.

But a good read nonetheless. Have you read it? Tell me what you think.

Have a great day!


Mark Wolfgang said...


I had no idea there was a Hugh Laurie novel. I should look for it.

And speaking of "House" (which we're watching on USA now), how in the heck did he get crippled in the first place. Kim thought she knew, but I don't think so. Did Stacey have something to do with it? This ep seems to indicate that.


Susan Cody said...

Stacey was instrumental in the treatment that was performed while he was out of it. She thought he would die if she didn't step in. Instead, he's only crippled. I think it's that his muscle in his leg is dead or something like that. So there's chronic pain. Cuddy was in on the decision too. So his two favorite women crippled him. Ironic, yes?

Mark Wolfgang said...

Susan! OK, but what was the initiating event? Motorcycle accident?