Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Chilly Seventy-Two Degrees

Yay! It's finally cool enough to drive with the convertible top down. This morning when I got in the car to meet my friends for breakfast, the thermometer said Seventy-Two. Soon as I cleared the garage door, that top was rollin' back.

Yesterday as I was trying to remove Keely Smith from the CD player, she got stuck. I can't put anything in or out. And nothing plays. So I drove through the cool seventies morning punching buttons on the radio until I landed on Classic Rock.

Oh, yeah. You really got me. You got me so I can't sleep at night.

If ever there was driving with the top down music, it's the Van Halen boys. And when that ended, just as if it were custom mixed for me, we had Aerosmith. Dude look like a lady. Perfect!

Although it has been discussed in some circles, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I drive trying to emulate the Rock N Roller Coaster. At least not the upside down part. Unless I'm listening to Aerosmith. Which I was.

Problem being, the street I was on had a 45 mile per hour speed limit.

So I cheated a little. It's Fall. Finally.

Have a great weekend.



Mark Wolfgang said...

So we saw a red T-bird convertible today (top up-- it probably didn't hit 60 degrees here) just as we were discussing future cars. Which begged the question: How many golf bags will a T-bird hold? (Although a: your CD player failure might be a deal breaker, and b: we just put nearly $1000 worth of tires and brakes on the Chrysler, so we'll probably have to keep it for a few more years.) --Mark

Susan Cody said...

I've never actually put golf clubs in the T-Bird, but I would guess you could get at least one bag in the trunk. The other one, you might have to put in that little valley made behind the front seat when you put the top down. Maybe each club individually, not in the bag.
I wouldn't worry about the cd player. I think I bought the extended warranty. Maybe. Wonder where that paperwork is. Hmmmmmm