Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Most Romantic Day of All

It's Valentine's Day! It can be the best day of your year...or it can be the worst. I remember once getting a card for a friend that said on the outside, "Please be my Valentine." On the inside, it said, "Or I'll have to rent one again."

Seems like I spent a lot of Valentine's Days alone. But I remember some pretty happy ones too. It was always cool in elementary school because you got a Valentine from your crush whether he meant it or not. In those days, everyone's mothers made them do Valentines for the whole class. So you would go home from school all dreamy-eyed, certain that he was in love with you, conveniently ignoring the fact that every girl in the class got the same MAD Magazine goofy card that you did.

When I was a junior in high school, a date took me to the state fair on Valentine's Day. About ten years later I married him, but a lot of stuff happened in between. I'm not married to him now. Enough said.

Maybe the most romantic day - when I was in college, my boyfriend took me to see Zeferelli's ROMEO AND JULIET. I wore a red velvet dress with white lace that my grandmother had made for me. Oh, I WAS Juliet that night - minus the poison and dagger. Didn't marry him, although I could have. Broke his heart instead.

Last year, I was at the most romantic place on earth - The Magic Kingdom - with my Prince. And tonight he's taking me to see Huey Lewis and the News. Another crush I've harbored over the years. This one will be great. And I think I've just decided that the best Valentine's Day of all is the one in front of you.

Happy Valentine's Day to All! Go kiss your Crush!


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